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The Law Offices of Hernando Bernal Jr, P.A. is limited to immigration matters so we can focus our attention on helping our clients seek all immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Whether you are just visiting for a short period of time or are looking to become a naturalized citizen, Hernando can help you navigate the legal field. 


Visa Applications

Investment Visas


Removal Defense

Immigrant Visa


Those wishing to visit the United States for a brief visit will apply for a non-immigrant visa. This will allow, in most cases, the applicants to enter numerous times into the United States and stay for a limited time. These visas are useful for vacation purposes, education, and other non-work related purposes.


Clients who wish to travel to the United States to live file immigrant visas. Clients who want to live in the United States apply for legal permanent residency. Depending on the client’s work history or family connections, a client may file for legal permanent residency through an employer or a family member.


Hernando can help clients navigate the waters between non-immigrant and immigrant visas. Through a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, long term goals, and resources, a strategy can be put together.

Nonimmigrat Visas


One of the visa options available to clients are through investment in the United States. Depending on the amount invested in the United States, the client can apply for a non-immigrant visa (E-1 & E-2 for those from qualifying countries) and immigrant visas (EB-5) for those with more capital to invest.


Hernando has helped clients file and receives visas in both categories. Through a careful analysis of the client’s resources and family members,  Hernando can analyze the options for the client and present them so that a decision can be made that best suits the client.   



One of the most satisfying jobs for any immigration attorney is assisting clients with their naturalization applications so that they can secure U.S. citizenship.  Careful analysis of the client’s history in regards to travel outside the U.S. and other matters that determine eligibility can ensure the application process runs smoothly and ends with the client becoming a U.S. citizen. 

Removal Defense


Hernando has represented clients who find themselves in removal proceedings (previously known as deportation proceedings).  This is a tough time for clients and their families.  The representation can often last years as clients wait for their case to be heard by an Immigration Judge.  With the time available, Hernando works with clients to secure the necessary documents and prepare so that the best presentation of their case can be made.  Hernando is there and always available to clients to answer their questions and provide support.  

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